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Informational Links

As missionaries we are continually looking for new ways to serve our churches and clubs.  Here are some resources available now from Awana:

Want to Know More About Starting Awana at your Church:    http://awana.org/awana-clubs

Life Threads, the Awana blog.   http://lifethreads.awana.org/

Entrusted, a digital curriculum developed specifically for Tweens; focuses on developing a missionry worldview.    www.entrustedtweens.org

MOVE, provides simple steps to get children's and youth ministries off and running in the right direction.      www.moveyourchurch.org

Homeschool familes and co-ops can now purchase Awana Bible memory materials:    www.awanahomeschool.org

Truthseekers provides Bible lessons for use in starting a new club or augmenting your existing ministry.     www.truthseekers-us.org

Other Ministries of Awana

The following Awana subsidiaries have a unique strategy, but the same core focus to reach kids, equip leaders and change the world.

ZimZam    http://zimzamglobal.org/

http://www.awana.org/media/image/kidzmatter.pngAwana Lifeline
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